Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Administration Building

Preliminary Items
1 5:30 PM

Work Study:  Linkage with Legislators

The Board and Administration will meet with legislators from several Washington State districts within the Issaquah School District.

2 7:00 PM

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

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3 7:05 PM

Student Input

This is a standing opportunity for students to dialog with the Board.

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4 7:15 PM

Public Input

This is an opportunity for public input on items not already scheduled for discussion on the meeting agenda.


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5 7:25 PM

Approval of Consent Agenda

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6 7:30 PM

Establishment of Regular Agenda

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General: Discussion/Action Topics
1 7:35 PM

Summary of the Work Study:  Linkage with Legislators  - Board (GP-3)

The Board will summarize the meeting held just prior to the regular meeting.

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2 7:45 PM

Public Hearing with Regard to Surplus Property - Board

The Board will hold a Public Hearing to admit evidence for and against the propriety and advisability of the proposed sale of District-owned property located at 21207 SE May Valley Road, Issaquah, WA

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3 8:00 PM

Draft Resolution with regard to Bond Ballot Language - Board

The Administration will present a draft resolution for a first read.  Board action is anticipated during the October 28th regular board meeting.

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4 8:20 PM

Resolution on the new Gibson Ek High School State Waiver - Thiele

The Administration will present the first reading of a resolution with regard to the new Gibson Ek High School.

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5 8:50 PM

Monitoring Report EL-13 Facilities - Thiele (GP-2)

The annual internal monitoring report for EL-13 Facilities will be presented for Board action.

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6 9:05 PM

Monitoring Report EL-8 Communications - Thiele (GP-2)

The annual internal monitoring report for EL-8 Communications will be presented for Board action.

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7 9:20 PM

Monitoring Report EL-3 Personnel Administration - Thiele (GP-2)

The annual internal monitoring report for EL-3 Personnel Administration will be presented for Board action.

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8 9:35 PM

Legislative Matters - Board (GP-3)

This is a standing opportunity to discuss educational legislation.

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9 9:45 PM

Works in Progress - Thiele (EL-8)

This is a standing opportunity for the Superintendent to provide a brief status report on various projects and activities in the District.

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10 9:55 PM

Announcements and Correspondence - Board (GP-4)

This is a standing opportunity for the Board to share announcements and correspondence. 

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11 10:00 PM

Calendar and Future Agenda Topics - Board (GP-2)

The Board will review/identify topics for future board meeting agendas and other special calendar items, as well as schedule special meetings/work sessions.

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12 10:15 PM Adjourn
13 10:15 PM

Executive Session:  Personnel matters per RCW 42.30.110(1)(g) and Real Estate matters per RCW 42.30.110(1)(b).

Consent: Consent Agenda Topics

Maintenance & Operation Levy Certification, 2016 - Kuper

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Skyline High School Grandstand, Change Order No. 1 - Kuper

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Cascadia College in the High School Program and Interlocal Agreement - Kuper

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Resolution No. 1062, Interlocal Agreement for PSESD PD Training Services - Kuper/Maybee

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Perkins Grant Application as it pertains to Career and Technical Education - Wright

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Vouchers - Kuper

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Gifts - Bongard/Trifunovic/Phelps

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Minutes - Board

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Certificated Employee Contracts (2015-16) - Hechtman

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Certificated Employee Resignations (2015-16) - Hechtman

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Supplemental Contracts/Employment Agreements - Hechtman

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Classified New Employees (2015-16) - Hechtman

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Classified Employee Resignations/Retirements/Terminations (2015-16) - Hechtman

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Guidelines for public participation at board meetings

Board meetings are open to the public. They are designed to conduct board business rather than to serve as a public hearing, unless a public hearing is scheduled. Individuals wishing to give public comment on a specific agenda item where public comment is being accepted should wait to be recognized by the Board President during that agenda item. All other public comment should be given under the agenda item Public Comment. In the interest of time management, individual input is limited to two minutes. An individual may also submit a prepared statement to be given to the board secretary prior to the oral presentation.

Comments/concerns relative to district personnel should not be heard in public; rather, they should be directed through the Parent Complaints Against District Employees policy, obtained through the superintendent's office at (425) 837-7002.