Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Administration Building

Preliminary Items
1 6:00 PM

Work/Study: Discussion of data sources for effective decision making

2 7:00 PM

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

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3 7:03 PM

Public Input

This is an opportunity for public input on items not already scheduled for discussion on the meeting agenda.

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4 7:11 PM Establishment of Regular Agenda
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5 7:12 PM Approval of Consent Agenda
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General: Discussion/Action Topics
1 7:15 PM

Summary of Work/Study Session - Board

The Board will summarize the work/study held just prior to the regular meeting,

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2 7:25 PM

Summary of Board Retreat - September 19, 2012 - Board

On September 19th the Board held a one-evening retreat devoted to policy review and will summarize this work session for the public.

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3 7:35 PM

Technology Courses and Online Learning Update - Rasmussen

Updates will be provided from Career/Tech Director Dennis Wright and Marianne Kaluza, Online Learning Coordinator.

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4 8:00 PM

Scorecard Update - Rasmussen

Staff are in the process of updating the Scorecard to include the 2011-12 data--recommended changes will be discussed. 

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5 8:20 PM

Teacher Evaluation / Principal Evaluation Update - Rasmussen

The administration will continue to provide updates on the new teacher evaluation system and begin discussion on the new principal evaluation system.

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6 8:40 PM

Capital Projects Update - Rasmussen

An update on construction projects district-wide will be provided.

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7 8:55 PM

Legislative Matters - Board (GP-3)

This is a standing opoprtunity to discuss educational legislation.

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8 9:05 PM

Works in Progress - Rasmussen (EL-8)

This is a standing opportunity for the superintendent to provide a brief status report on various projects and activities in the District.

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9 9:10 PM

Announcements and Correspondence - Board (GP-4)

This is a standing opportunity for the Board to share announcements and correspondence. 

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10 9:15 PM

Calendar and Future Agenda Topics - Board (GP-2)

The Board will review/identify topics for future board meeting agendas and other special calendar items, as well as schedule special meetings/work sessions.

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11 9:30 PM Adjourn
Consent: Consent Agenda Topics

Gifts - Bongard/Trifunovic/Thiele

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2 Minutes - Board
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Maywood Middle School Modernization - Change Order #8 - Crawford/Kuper

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Challenger Elementary Modernization - Change Order #4 - Crawford/Kuper

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Briarwood Elementary Rebuild -- Change Order #6 Crawford/Kuper

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Transportation Center Bus Lift Project - Final Acceptance - Crawford/Kuper

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Certificated Employee Contracts (2012-13) - Miyauchi

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Supplemental Contracts/Employment Agreements - Miyauchi

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Classified New Employees (2012-13) - Miyauchi

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Guidelines for public participation at board meetings

Board meetings are open to the public. They are designed to conduct board business rather than to serve as a public hearing, unless a public hearing is scheduled. To comment on an agenda item requires recognition by the board president. To comment on a topic not on the agenda, request recognition by the board president under agenda item Public Input. In the interest of time management, individual input is limited to three minutes; four minutes will be allowed for input on behalf of a group (three or more people present). Any person wishing to have his/her comments attached for the record to the official minutes may submit a prepared statement to the board secretary prior to the oral presentation.

Comments/concerns relative to the district personnel will not be heard in public; rather, they should be directed through the Parent Complaints Against District Employees policy, obtained through the superintendent's office at (425) 837-7002.