Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Administration Building

Preliminary Items
1 6:00 PM

Work/Study Session:  2010 Levy proposal

2 7:00 PM

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

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3 7:03 PM

Student Input

This is a standing opportunity for student representatives to communicate with the Board.

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4 7:13 PM

Public Input

This is an opportunity for public input on items not already scheduled for discussion on the meeting agenda.

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5 7:23 PM Establishment of Regular Agenda
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6 7:24 PM Approval of Consent Agenda
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General: Discussion/Action Topics
1 7:27 PM

Bond Refunding - Kuper (GP-2)

An administrative recommendation and resolution to provide for the issuance and sale of $6,700,000 of general obligation refunding bonds will be presented. 

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2 7:47 PM

Issaquah High School Stadium Naming Proposal - Board (GP-3)

On May 13th, a proposal was presented to the Board to name the Issaquah High School stadium in honor of Gary Moore, retired long-time IHS coach who recently passed away.  Board action is anticipated on May 27th. 

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3 7:57 PM

Energy Savings Report - Kuper (GP-3)

John Macartney will update the Board on the District's energy savings practices, as well as the recent Earth Heroes Award. 

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4 8:17 PM

Monitoring Report: EL-1 Global Executive Constraint - Rasmussen (GP-2)

Superintendent Rasmussen will present the annual external monitoring report for EL-1 Global Executive Constraint.

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5 8:37 PM

Monitoring Report: EL-5 Actual Financial Condition and Activities - Rasmussen (GP-2)

Superintendent Rasmussen will present the annual external monitoring report for EL-5 Actual Financial Condition and Activities. 

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6 8:57 PM

E-15 Authorization to Issue Notice of Intent to Award Contract - Crawford (GP-2)

The administration will present a recommendation to issue notice of intent to award a contract for the construction of E-15.  OSPI requirements for state match funding will also be presented.

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7 9:17 PM

Construction Projects Update - Crawford (EL-13)

The administration will present an update to the Board on current construction projects.

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8 9:27 PM

Debrief Work/Study Session - Board (GP-2)

The Board will summarize the work/study session on the 2010 levy proposals held prior to the regular board meeting.

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9 9:47 PM

Legislative Matters - Board (GP-3)

This is a standing opoprtunity to discuss educational legislation. 

The Board will elect a Legislative Representative for a two-year term to May, 2011.   

The Board will consider an opportunity to debrief on the recently concluded legislative session. 

The Board will consider submission of proposals to the WSSDA Legislative Assembly.

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10 10:17 PM

Works in Progress - Rasmussen (EL-8)

This is a standing opportunity for the superintendent to provide a brief status report on various projects and activities in the District.

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11 10:22 PM

Announcements and Correspondence - Board (GP-4)

This is a standing opportunity for theBoard to share announcements and correspondence. 

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12 10:27 PM

Future Agenda Topics - Board (GP-2)

The Board will review/identify topics for future board meeting agendas.

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13 10:32 PM

Calendar - Board (GP-5)

This is an opportunity for the board to discuss various meetings/events/activities related to the Issaquah School District. 

The board meeting calendar for 2009-2010 will be presented for board action.

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14 10:47 PM

Executive Session - Personnel, Bargaining, and Legal Matters  RCW 42.30.140 (4) (a); 42.30.110 (i)

15 11:17 PM Adjourn
Consent: Consent Agenda Topics

Individual School Continuous Improvement Plans - Brogan

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Budget Status Report: March - Kuper

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Skyline High School Expansion and Alteration - Change Order #7 - Crawford

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Elementary 15 - Resolution of Intent to Construct E-15 - Crawford

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Gifts - Murphy/Thiele/Bongard

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Tree Planting Memorial at Tiger Mountain Community High School - Murphy

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7 Minutes - Board
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Certificated Employee Resignations (2008-09) - Miyauchi

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Certificated Employee Leaves (2009-10) - Miyauchi

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Supplemental Contracts/Employment Agreements - Miyauchi

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11 Classified New Employees (2008-09) - Miyauchi
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Classified Employee Resignations/Retirements/Terminations (2008-09) - Miyauchi

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Guidelines for public participation at board meetings

Board meetings are open to the public. They are designed to conduct board business rather than to serve as a public hearing, unless a public hearing is scheduled. To comment on an agenda item requires recognition by the board president. To comment on a topic not on the agenda, request recognition by the board president under agenda item Public Input. In the interest of time management, individual input is limited to three minutes; four minutes will be allowed for input on behalf of a group (three or more people present). Any person wishing to have his/her comments attached for the record to the official minutes may submit a prepared statement to the board secretary prior to the oral presentation.

Comments/concerns relative to the district personnel will not be heard in public; rather, they should be directed through the Parent Complaints Against District Employees policy, obtained through the superintendent's office at (425) 837-7002.