Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Administration Building

Preliminary Items
1 6:00 PM

Work/study Session - Governance Process Policy Review

The board will review Governance Process policies:  GP-3 Board Job Description, GP-10 Process for Addressing Board Member Violations, GP-9 Cost of Governance, GP-1 Global Governance Commitment, GP-2 Governing Style, GP-5 Chief Governance Officer's Role, and GP-6 Board Members' Code of Conduct

2 6:40 PM Executive Session - Bargaining per RCW 42.30.140 (4) (a)
This session is scheduled in the event it is needed. 
3 7:00 PM

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

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4 Public Input

1)  State Audit Office Presentation

2)  This is a standing opportunity to discuss items not already scheduled for discussion on the agenda

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5 Student Representative Input

This is a standing opportunity for the ASB representative to the School Board to report on various student events and activities District-wide. 

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6 Establishment of Regular Agenda
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7 Approval of Consent Agenda
General: Discussion/Action Topics
1 7:30 PM Boundary Review Committee - Board (GP-2)

The administration will present  a brief summary of the work of the Boundary Review Committee (BRC) to date. 

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2 7:40 PM High School Construction Projects - Board (EL-10)
The board and administration will discuss upcoming high school construction projects at Skyline and Issaquah High Schools and how student achievement will be maintained throughout the construction process. 
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3 8:00 PM Continuous Improvement Plans (CIPs) - Board (E-2)
The administration will share and discuss with the Board the process for communicating K-12 District CIPs.
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4 8:10 PM IMC Recommended Material Adoption - Brogan (EL-10)
The administration will present a recommendation for the replacement of middle school mathematics materials. 
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5 8:20 PM Legislative Ed Finance Study (GP-3)

The Board will discuss and consider responding to a list of policy questions from Dan Grimm, chair of the Joint Task Force on Basic Education Finance.  School board members and supernitendents across the state have been asked to respond to these K-12 questions. 

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6 9:05 PM Legislative Matters - Board (GP-3)

1)  Board Legislative Rep. Fletcher will report on the potential impact to the Isasquah School District of proposed legislation in the area of K-12 Ed.

2)  Ms. Fletcher will seek board direction regarding a debrief of the recent legislative session.

3)  This is a standing opportunity for the Board to discuss any general legislative matters relative to education. 

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7 9:25 PM Works in Progress - Rasmussen (EL-8)
This is a standing opportunity for the superintendent to provide a brief status report on various projects and activities in the District, including current construction projects. 
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8 9:30 PM Announcements and Correspondence - Board (GP-4)
This is a standing opportunity for the Board to share announcements and correspondence. 
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9 9:35 PM Calendar - Board (GP-5)

This is an opportunity for the board to discuss various  meetings/events/activities related to the Issaquah School District, including 1) date options for joint meeting with Renton School Board/City Council , 2) date options for joint meeting with Newcastle City Council - May 27th is proposed, and 3) a board work/study on April 16th.

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10 9:50 PM Future Agenda Topics - Board (GP-2)
The Board will review/identify topics for future board meeting agendas. 
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11 9:55 PM Adjourn
Consent: Consent Agenda Topics
1 Vouchers
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2 Gifts/Donations - Gallagher/Thiele
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3 Minutes - Board
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4 Certificated Employee Contracts (2007-08) - Miyauchi
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5 Certificated Employee Leaves (2007-08)
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6 Certificated Employee Resignations (2007-08)
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7 Certificated Employee Leaves (2008-09)
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8 Certificated Employee Contracts (2008-09)
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9 Supplemental Contracts/Employment Agreements - Miyauchi
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10 Classified New Employees (2007-08) - Miyauchi
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11 Classified Employee resignations/Retirements/Terminations (2007-08)
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Guidelines for public participation at board meetings

Board meetings are open to the public. They are designed to conduct board business rather than to serve as a public hearing, unless a public hearing is scheduled. To comment on an agenda item requires recognition by the board president. To comment on a topic not on the agenda, request recognition by the board president under agenda item Public Input. In the interest of time management, individual input is limited to three minutes; four minutes will be allowed for input on behalf of a group (three or more people present). Any person wishing to have his/her comments attached for the record to the official minutes may submit a prepared statement to the board secretary prior to the oral presentation.

Comments/concerns relative to the district personnel will not be heard in public; rather, they should be directed through the Parent Complaints Against District Employees policy, obtained through the superintendent's office at (425) 837-7002.